noun (C) a band of cloth under your chin to keep a hat or helmet in place

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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  • Chinstrap — may refer to: Chinstrap, a strap fixed to one s chin to reduce the severity of teeth chattering and lethal gurning during episodes of techno jaw Chinstrap, a strap fixed to a helmet or other headgear which passes beneath the chin and holds the… …   Wikipedia

  • chinstrap — UK [ˈtʃɪnˌstræp] / US noun [countable] Word forms chinstrap : singular chinstrap plural chinstraps a thin piece of leather or cloth that you put under your chin to stop a hat or helmet falling off your head …   English dictionary

  • chinstrap — noun see chinstrap penguin …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • chinstrap — /ˈtʃɪnstræp/ (say chinstrap) noun a strap under a chin for holding on an item of headgear, especially military or sporting …  

  • Chinstrap (disambiguation) — Chinstrap may refer to:* Chinstrap, a type of fastener for headgear *Chinstrap penguin, a species of penguin with markings resembling a chinstrap *Chinstrap beard, a type of facial hair that resembles a chinstrap …   Wikipedia

  • Chinstrap Cove — (61°14′S 54°11′W / 61.233°S 54.183°W / 61.233; 54.183) is a cove 3 miles (5 km) northeast of Escarpada Point on the northwest coast of Clarence Island …   Wikipedia

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  • chinstrap penguin — noun Date: 1936 a penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica) with a narrow band of black feathers from ear to ear under its chin that breeds on the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands called also chinstrap …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • chinstrap penguin — /ˈtʃɪnstræp pɛŋgwən/ (say chinstrap penggwuhn) noun a large black and white penguin, Pygoscelis antarctica, with a thin black stripe across the bottom of the throat; breeds in Antarctica …  

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